Saturday, September 29, 2012

I love Costco. I mean, I REALLY love Costco. I go at least once a week, sometimes more. Their roast chicken is to die for, and I love that you can buy everything there. While driving home tonight I was telling my husband about my love of Costco, as if he didn't already know, and how I think we could easily live off of only shopping at Costco. Which brings us to this challenge =) So today is Sept 29th, and I will need a little time to figure out the rules and such, but give me some feedback. What rules would you like followed? I have two kids, but I don't think that should really interfere with shopping at Costco only. Any particular rules you'd like to see followed?

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  1. Great idea. Rules:
    Birthday and Christmas gifts of non Costco gifts allowed, but it would be good if these could be 'declared' .
    Start from scratch. No using store cupboard items already purchased unless from Costco.
    If you fail, be honest, and explain why you had to go elsewhere, as that info is useful too.
    Good luck!